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“Creating human health and enriching lives”

Could you briefly introduce your company's business and services?

We focus on stress and pre-symptomatic diseases and connect them to various health projects. By creating a system to understand your health status before you get sick, we are developing various solutions such as providing supplements and suggesting exercise.

You were ahead of the times, paying attention to stress at an early stage.

Being ahead of the curve is very important for business success. By the time you try to ride the trend, you're already behind the curve.

What kind of solution are you considering?

Interest in Mibyo is increasing, but no one has found a way to turn it into a business. How do we develop it after we visualize it? By setting the exit, various businesses are established.

In what form does your company implement the "Wellness Band"?

By having many people in Japan and overseas wear the "Wellness Band," we are helping to collect health data. The ``Wellness Band'' can be worn by a wide range of generations, from 5-year-old children to adults. We believe that in the future it may be possible to understand children's health status from an early age and create a system to prevent them from getting sick.

Why was "Wellness Band" chosen?

In addition to being able to easily and quickly measure the level of stress, the deciding factors were that it was cost-effective and that the values were consistent. I've been wearing it for over half a year, and it's a reliable band. Also, the lightness of his footwork, which allows him to quickly respond to requests, is a big attraction.

We are developing a health data cloud service Is there any possibility of collaborating with your business?

We are already planning to link the servers in the future.

Finally, please tell us about your future plans.

My theme is "Creating human health and enriching lives." I want to create a world where people take good care of their own health and become healthy.

Thank you very much.

*The "wellness band" in this article refers to LANCEBAND.


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