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“HealthUs” myofascial release gun is now on sale at Shinjuku Marui Main Building!

Newme is a popular experience-based select shop in Fukuoka where women's favorites gather

First landing in Tokyo on June 24th!

Opening on the 3rd floor of Shinjuku Marui main building!

We have a large selection of products that enrich women's lifestyles, including D2C brands specializing in beauty, beauty products such as salon exclusive products, miscellaneous goods, apparel, and accessories.

Our company also sells the recently released ``HealthUs Myofascial Release Gun''.

Although it is on sale on the EC site, the only place where you can actually purchase it is at the Shinjuku Marui main store!

If you are interested in the product itself, but you won't know until you see it, please come and visit Shinjuku Marui.


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