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Makuake pre-order sales for myofascial release gun “HealthUs” have ended.

The pre-order sales period for our new product, myofascial release gun ``HealthUs'', on the Makuake site has ended successfully.

One month has passed since the information ban was lifted on March 9th.

Nearly 400 people made support purchases, and thanks to all of you, we achieved 2368% of the target amount, far exceeding our goal!

Thank you.

``HealthUs'' is an ultra-light and ultra-compact myofascial release gun.

Weight is 260g, the lightest in the industry, making it convenient to carry.

There are many attachments, and you can massage not only the body but also the face and scalp.

The stylish design has also been well received.

``HealtuUs'' is scheduled to be released at the end of May.

From now on, it will be sold at our online shop, catalogs of each corporation, and Marui (Fukuoka store and Shinjuku store).

We also accept OEM orders. Please feel free to contact us.


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